Based in Brooklyn, NY
Founded in 2010
Genre: #HipHop #Rap

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Brand new music:

"So I'm Sayin'" by Leon Marin

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Hip Hop Artist–Leon Marin


Leon Marin is an independent Hip Hop Music artist from Gowanus, Brooklyn, N.Y. described as a "breath of fresh air" by his audience. He refrains from creating music about typical topics such as sex, drugs, and money that oversaturate the radio and music industry today.


Instead, Leon creates music about his past and present experiences, his optimistic hopes, and his dreams for the future. His music incorporates story telling, advanced rhythmic flows, and wordplay, while using complimentary production that helps capture and set the mood.


Deriving from much ridicule, harsh living environments. and other obstacles, he uses his struggles as fuel to do and create more. Over the past few years, Leon has performed in hundreds of show with legendary entertainers such as The Roots, Uncle Murda, Jack Thriller, and more. He received his debut of national exposure during a performance on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" which catered to over four million viewers world wide.


Leon Marin is ready to secure his spot as one of New York's greatest Hip Hop Music Artists and will not stop until he has gained his rightful title.